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love wallpaper collection

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Dołączył: 09 Sie 2016
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PostWysłany: Wto 6:27, 09 Sie 2016    Temat postu: love wallpaper collection

Every day, step out into the street, watch people fall in love, the gentle grip, but it's certainly rush through the ice, squeezed warm hugs, the gentle eyes looking at the one you love ... you suddenly think, love, in fact, is what? that love is the most stupendous miracle in the world to lovers always find a way together, that love is when the world suddenly frozen when I stood before him, that love is the heart quietly popping up a rhythm very quietly just because the usual things that people did for us, that when ordinary things suddenly turned into a special, that suddenly he shines in his eyes than us, that when we want to shift singing and fun every moment in life ... love are spot like a box of crayons. Ie with all the dark colors next to bright colors. But crayon box becomes not so that monochrome. Will have a nice time, would sometimes sad, sometimes depressed and will suffer, but also filled with happiness at will. Love is always a risky thing. But we have accepted most risky thing to find yourself a love. Always wanted to see the love being around, if you're looking for your one true love, and want to feel the taste of love is a love wallpaper collection would be a very right choice for you.

Heart pounding, thrill when he appeared in front of you, when people turn away you feel longing, when ignorance, indifference you feel sad, as he walked beside others, you felt a sharp pain, then your feelings are felt in the changing beat of the heart, so everyone feels about love understand through feeling your heartbeat through, so the heart is as indicative of love.
Since ancient times, people still believe that the heart is the center of all emotions. So give each other the heart is synonymous with dedication a perfect love. Over time, up to now, the heart remains the symbol of eternal love. In love, there are many ways of expression. By giving lovers a rose, an apple, or a heart-shaped objects ... you will express feelings with someone you love. Each gift carries a personal message interesting. Or if you simply want to express emotions fun, happy in love, one heart wallpaper will help you to fully express that meaning.

Halloween is an annual festival held in late October early November, but that is the festival to commemorate what? Why do people have to makeup and dress such abominations? The symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin carve according to the imagined face.
Legend has it that, on that day the dead will return to the human world to find a body and to reincarnate into the next year. That is the only way to the soul that can recycle. Celtic people believed that day was the day of yin and yang harmony, the dead and the living can come into contact with each other. Of course people do not ever want to live my body soul being "robbed" lost, so on the evening of 30/10 all the villages extinguish the fire and dressed extremely disgusting and noisy parade loudly around the neighborhood to scare away spirits looking for bodies to enter vao.Vao to this festival day, the children would gather and play "trick," "trick" as meaning: fool, crystal games ma naughty: "treat" is welcome, kindness, hospitality. The children and adolescents, young and dressed with clothes devil mask, holding lanterns and go from house to house in the neighborhood, knocking on doors and say "trick or treat". This means that "If we do not want to play bad, please treat us something to go". Halloween may seem horror, scary but also very exciting, right? Mingle with the Halloween atmosphere worldwide, make decorations for your computer only a new look, a Halloween wallpapers will bring the atmosphere of the festival to close with you.
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